Naruto: Era of Armageddon

The world has come to terms. It's about to die. Each village is upset with the others. The starters of the war? Konoha and Ame. Their rulers were evil and mad. Now, the rest of the wrold has to pay. What side will you take? The choice is yours.
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    Samurai Crisis!

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     Ranking up System

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    PostSubject: Ranking up System   Thu May 26, 2011 10:43 am

    Academy Student-> Genin
    Auto Gained. You start as Genin

    This requires passing of the chunin exams OR 2 kage's saying that you are ready and good enough to be promoted
    This requires the Chunin going through a rigerous Jounin exam which will be explained only to the chunin being sent. OR a kage duel with the chunin with at least 3 anbu or kage ranked ninja aside from the kage saying that they passed.
    Jounin->Anbu(Yes you have to be Jounin. Otherwise you are placed in to a training program)
    This can only be done by the Kage. However there is a maximum of 5 anbu per villiage and to do this the jounin must submit at 5,000 word post to be even considered.
    Jouniin->Legendary Shinobi
    This is the hardest rank to acquire. This will be decided by the Kage of the village. However, each village is limited to 3. However, if a ninja of that village beats a Legendary Shinobi, that ninja auto ranks to such a status and the Legendary Shinobi is either, A) Docked a rank keeping all jutsu and items etc..etc.., or B) that Shinobi has the chance to go Missing.

    Oni->Oni leader
    If you are an Oni and kill the leader you are the new leader. If the leader is killed by a non Oni then the Oni will vote and if there is no clear winner a tournament will be held among the Oni.
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    Ranking up System
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