Naruto: Era of Armageddon

The world has come to terms. It's about to die. Each village is upset with the others. The starters of the war? Konoha and Ame. Their rulers were evil and mad. Now, the rest of the wrold has to pay. What side will you take? The choice is yours.
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     Extra's and Classes

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    PostSubject: Extra's and Classes   Thu May 26, 2011 10:55 am

    Classes:(You can pick up to at most 2)

    Medic:These are the only ninja able to heal or preform transplants

    Seal Master: These are the only people able to use Fuinjutsu

    Genjutsu Specialist: These people can preform Genjutsu above A rank.

    Ninjutsu Specialist: These people can preform a multitude of a lot of Ninjutsu. Their Ninjutsu is arcguably more powerful than a normal ninja's.

    Taijutsu Specialist: These people, of course, are major on the ammount of Taijutsu. They arguably hit strong than average nin. And can not use ninjutsu

    Kenjutsu Specialist: These people, of course, major in the Kenjutsu aspect. They are very accurate with a sword, however, with anything else, they pretty much suck. Their are fairly good in the speed aspect though.

    Weapon Specialist: These people use all sorts of weapons and generic seals to summon them. They can use, with a high amount of deadliness, almost any normal weapon. however, to be able to use all of these, they can not use ninjutsu.

    Puppet User: These people use puppets to fight. They are the only ones to be able to use puppets, however, everyone can learn Chakra strings.

    Sensor Specialist: These people are able to detect almsot anytihng except for Assassins. They can detect head, smell, chakra feel, etc..etc..

    Assassin Specialist: These people are the only ones that can hide their presence to the max. Even to Sensors

    Summoner: These people can create multiple summons, only register one, but can learn many.

    Obviously some classes can not work together, these are them:



    Some would be better with each other. Such as Seal Master and Medic, because of the chakra control to use medic ninjutsu helps control Seals.
    Extras:(you get 1 free and up to 3 more with Ryo)
    Free substitution: This grants you An ability to spam Substitution for 1 topic. After this topic, you must wait another topic, of at least 10 posts, before you can use it again.

    SS rank: This allows you the ability to register godly SS rank jutsu.

    Superiority: This allows one to gain a superiority over average people of their rank. This makes them slightly increased in stats than average people their rank. I.E. Slightly faster, stronger, endure more, etc..etc..

    Veteran Superiority: This makes you twice as strong as regular. This means that an average genin lets say, would be able to do three times more the attributes. Such as 3 times longer endurance than normal.

    Godly Superiority: This is makes you Ten times better than the average of your rank. This is also one of the components of the fabled Flying Thunder God(Minato Version) As well as Godly Shinobi Rank.

    Agile God: This allows one to be capable of learning FTG(Minato version).

    Berserker: This allows your character to not feel pain for an entire battle should you want to not feel pain.

    Demon Body: This allows you to go into a state where you emit a glowing aura that will allow your body to regenerate to massive amounts. However, each time this is used it will cost massive chakra, and you will need to rest for a whole topic.

    Booster Shot: This will allow you to carry a special medicine that can heal you fully once every 5 topics. (Each topic at least 10 posts long.)

    You cannot start with Godly/veteran superiority

    ****NOTE: Any time "{insert number} Topic(s)" is mentioned it is assumed to be at least 10 posts long, each topic.****
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    Extra's and Classes
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