Naruto: Era of Armageddon

The world has come to terms. It's about to die. Each village is upset with the others. The starters of the war? Konoha and Ame. Their rulers were evil and mad. Now, the rest of the wrold has to pay. What side will you take? The choice is yours.
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    Samurai Crisis!

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     The new rules

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    PostSubject: The new rules   Sat May 28, 2011 1:40 pm

    1) RESPECT your mods and admins. They work to keep the site going, they're here to help. Harassing them or being disrespectful isn't the brightest idea.

    2) Place (private) in topics that you want to be private. That's common sense people.

    3) This site is naturally unrated, people are human.

    4) Before you randomly join a topic please read up on what's happened, lest you make an ass of yourself.

    5) If a topic is longer than three pages, don't join. Unless you are invited, then by all means hop in.

    6) NO SCREEN NAMES Dear God if I see a screen name I will change your name myself to something random and generic. I won't change your pass, but I HATE seeing horses or weird shit like Iliekmudkipz, okay?

    7) DO NOT POST UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED. This rule means until you have color your ass better be waiting. It's to avoid confusion.

    8.) NO Metagaming, power gaming or god modding. Common sense people. You aren't God you might wish you were, but you aren't, sorry to break it to you. For those who don't know Metagaming is allowing your character to know something they shouldn't know. Godmodding is such things as instant hits or controlling another's actions. Power gaming is ass-pulling things or doing something that YOU PHYSICALLY CANNOT DO.

    9) Use third person when rping. It's hard to rp with someone in first person view.

    10) Don't abuse the cbox. That means don't take arguments there. I specifically made a category JUST FOR THAT. So either take it there or to pms. You will be warned (more on this later)

    11) All deaths shall be looked over by an admin or mod

    12) No flaming. Even if you hate someone the cbox shall not be abused or I will remove it completely and we don't want that

    13) Complaints go to the complaint area. 'Nuff said.

    14) Don't abuse the ability to change your name. Please try to stick with one :/

    15) User name should be the same as player name.

    16) No canon characters. Try to make characters original. It's an alternate universe so.. go crazy.

    17) ONLY TEN PEOPLE ON ONI. Yes that's the equivalent of Akatsuki

    18) AT MOST 3 accs per person please. This isn't a rule to be mean, it's just hard on people to have like four characters to keep up on.

    19) ONE CURRENT TOPIC. You can have UP TO THREE Flashbacks, however you only get one current and that's because people can't be in two places at once.

    20) To go from one area to another you need to post in the 'traveling areas' topic. Follow the rules of normal rp there.

    21) RP AT LEAST 5 LINES IN A POST. It's boring otherwise, there's plenty to rp about. After all details are your friends and humans have five senses, utilize them. Altogether 5 lines isn't a lot to ask.

    22) 48 hour auto-hit. After 48 hours if your character is attacking, it will be considered an auto-hit if your opponent has not replied. EXCEPTION: You have announced an absence

    23) You can Bump Approvals every 48 hours. If it hasn't been checked by then, feel free to bump ONCE. Don't spam bump.

    24) Posts IC should be done in third person. It's very difficult to rp with someone who rps first person view and in a lot of cases, it pisses them off.

    25) Everything requires an approval. Anything BOUGHT, LEARNED OR OBTAINED BY SPECIAL MEANS, MUST be approved by a staff member. This means until you have a stamp, you can't use it. It'll take two stamps technically, as once you have an approved purchase for example, you must do your updates. It's easy actually since the updates are almost always auto-approved.

    26) Some things require two approvals. Some require admin approval, that will be explained in a separate topic.

    27) RESPECT POSTING ORDER! If one has to be established for it to work then so be it. But anything you do for gain, like a kill, learning a skill, etc, WILL BE VOIDED IF YOU DON'T RESPECT POSTING ORDER.

    28) You may skip a person's turn in rp if they have not posted in 48 hours. Even with an absence up as long as it's not a fighting/killing topic. OR if they have said and a staff member has witnessed it that you could skip them.

    29) NO LOOPHOLING. This means no trying to get around the rules to get something that isn't allowed. Or trying to get as close as possible as something that's not allowed. Loopholing will get you in a helluva lot of trouble and trust me it's not worth it.

    As is a usual rule, RULES are subject to CHANGE

    Strength: 13
    Endurance: 22
    Chakra: 20
    Intellegence: 28
    Agility: 20
    Dexterity: 22

    Extras: Agile God
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    The new rules
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