Naruto: Era of Armageddon

The world has come to terms. It's about to die. Each village is upset with the others. The starters of the war? Konoha and Ame. Their rulers were evil and mad. Now, the rest of the wrold has to pay. What side will you take? The choice is yours.
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    Samurai Crisis!

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     Sharingan Limits

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    PostSubject: Sharingan Limits   Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:32 pm

    This question is simple. With a total of 20 points to spend on Magekyo usage provided you got the techs to use them.....****NOTE that after you use up your twenty you are blind...that's it. Blind. The only way to see again is get eternal or get new eyes from a master Med ninja.

    Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi-17
    Shield of Amaterasu-10
    Vision of Strongest-15
    Visual Technique: Powerful Calm-10
    Tsukuyomi: Black Dream-7
    Tsukuyomi: Amaterasu Moon-Eternal

    Tsukuyomi: Hell's decent(this tech I made sorta based off of one of the techs I saw in one of the games I thought ya guys could have details will be below.)-Eternal(this tech twists the clouds over the opponent and creates a black half sphere around them. Then, the sphere pulls them down and destroys the ground with it. Essentially pulling them down to hell, hence the name. The half sphere is fully black and unable to e seen through. But can be overturned like all other Doujutsu of the sharingan.
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    Sharingan Limits
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